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"We've moved into a bigger salon and we've hired a new apprentice, so it's definitely working" 

- Rozlyn
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"As long as i am in this industry, Larissa will be my mentor" -

Salon Mastery Program



"I've seen a growth in my sales... A MASSIVE growth, because now I know what's happening with my numbers and I know where we need to be. I can aim for something and we have a goal that makes sense"

Salon Mastery Program

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Meet your Coach - Larissa Macleman

I help salon owners step into their role of 'Salon CEO' and grow a Rockstar Team, leading that team to smash sales targets, earn powerful profits and attract & retain dream clients.

After years of frustration in my own Salon, I fought my way to Salon success through grit, determination, trial & error. I saw my fellow Salon Owners working themselves to the bone, and I knew I had to do it differently. 

So, I developed the business structure, framework and resources that scaled my Salon to Multi-Million Dollar status, and grew my team from 2 to 30! 

Then I started teaching these proven strategies to burned-out but motivated salon owners like you.

I discovered that I love helping Salon Owners Master their Inner Salon CEO by implementing a strategic framework to grow your business and scale their teams.

I want to bring the expertise I've learned to you and other Salon Owners like you. The Salon Owners Collective is a place to share what we know and grow our industry.

While working with Salon Owners I saw that many struggled in business and we're not making enough money to give them a lifestyle they could enjoy...

I used to be that person once, and I felt a need to help.

I realised through what I had learned I had the knowledge and experience to help other business owners like you get your time back.

At the Salon Owners Collective, I empower Salon Owners like yourself to step into the role of Salon CEO and skyrocket your Salon. I provide you with the strategic frameworks to grow and scale your business, create Powerful Profits and build a Rockstar Team... 

I believe that in order to truly achieve a life of Freedom & Profit, you must first fully step into your role as Salon CEO.

That's exactly what I did… and you can do it too!