Grow your Salon without Overwhelm or Overworking

Grow your Team, Attract Dream Clients
& step into your Role as Salon C.E.O

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What is Salon Mastery & how can it help me?


Salon Mastery is designed for those who want to grow their salon by growing a Rockstar Team, Attracting & Serving Dream Clients & want to Master their role as Salon CEO...  without Overwhelm or Overworking. 

  1. You feel like you're done with working long hours, and being busy putting out the fires your team throw at you... whilst also trying to grow your business. You're ready to grow a thriving team... without the drama & dynamics

  2. You’re ready to take the next step into fully being a Salon CEO and really work on growing your business, but you’re not exactly sure where to start.

  3. You're ready to attract and serve GREAT Clients - you're sick of quick-fixes that don’t seem to really work in long run!

If this sounds like you, then this program is absolutely essential.  

The Salon Mastery program is your chance to fully immerse yourself with extraordinary Owners who will understand you, support you, and lift you up like never before!


Meet the beautiful & talented Mhairi!

At this time Mhairi has been apart of Salon Mastery for 11 months.

Her Salon sales are now averaging $11,000.00 in EXTRA sales per month from when she started! (equivalent of $140,400.00 Per Annum). All because Mhairi takes action & implements the strategies in Salon Mastery.

The best thing is... her story isn't over, she is still smashing her goals and growing every day! We are super happy for her - you can have a success story just like this...

Salon Mastery isn't an event...
Its a 12-month experience!

The promise of Salon Mastery is simple: to facilitate a BREAKTHROUGH of your current roadblocks.

To skyrocket you past your growth-plateau and into a whole new level of momentum. And although these breakthroughs can happen in an instant, lasting change takes time.  

Members of Salon Mastery get access to...

  1. Daily support & accountability inside our intimate Facebook Group
  2. Three weekly Live Coaching, action taking or learning Sessions
  3. Tailored step-by-step Business Planning for clarity & action based results
  4. Full access to the Salon Mastery Program (AKA The Mastery HUB)


All strategically designed to support you to have a BREAKTHROUGH in your business!

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Salon Mastery Member

"The more work I complete within the hub, the clearer the path is for me as a CEO. There is a light at the end of the tunnel."


Salon Mastery Member

"It's my last week with clients in the salon before maternity leave and I feel like the wheels WILL keep turning without me there 24/7!!" 


Salon Mastery Member

"2 team members have already quadrupled their retail target for the fortnight and it's only day 3!"


Salon Mastery Member

"My experience with Salon Mastery has been second to none (I have had other coaching). The value provided is EXTREME & in-depth. However, it is delivered in a calm, supportive environment so as not to feel like your brain has just exploded.


The process's & systems are very user friendly. Each item flows to another and/or loops back, which has enabled me to really retain my learnings & master what I have learnt.


I find Larissa & her team very approachable. And more importantly, I feel comfortable to really deep dive into the why, who, what & how of anything that I don't understand yet and/or can't make work for me yet. When this has happened I have been responded to with very open minds and patience, this has allowed me to feel secure in my learning journey & also comfortable knowing that my business is being looked after by not only myself but also my coaches.


I would recommend Larissa to not only new salon owners (to hit the ground running with an amazing foundation) but also exciting salon owners, those that need help to grow and be profitable and/or those that need a business refresh to be able to lead their teams to success."


The Salon Mastery "Inner Circle"
is RIGHT for those who are... 


The Salon Mastery is not for everyone. 


Here are a few qualifications and characteristics to help determine if you may be a great fit for the Program:

Salon Mastery is RIGHT for YOU if you...
  1. Are a Salon or Spa Owner looking to make a huge leap forward 

  2. Have a team of 4-7 or more and are already smashing $6-8K a week... or more

  3. Are more than ready to step up into becoming a real CEO of your business (rather than just clawing back from these challenging times into just 'average')

  4. You're willing to be open & coachable, to put the right strategic systems in your business and take massive action now!
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Meet Sophie! 

Sophie recommends Salon Mastery to salon owners who want to...


Larissa Macleman



I am a Business Mentor and Strategic Marketing Specialist who helps salon owners, like yourself, step into leadership and master the role as Salon CEO .  


After years of frustration in my own Salon, I fought my way to Salon success through grit, determination, trial & error. I saw my fellow Salon Owners working themselves to the bone, and I knew I had to do it differently.


So, I developed the business structure, framework and resources that scaled my Salon to Multi-Million Dollar status, and grew my team from 2 to 30!


Then I started teaching these proven strategies to burned out salon owners like yourself.

So why should you listen to me..?


After 20 years as Multi-award-winning salon owner, I sold my salon and worked in digital & Social Media Marketing & Salon Technology Development and Grow & Scale Coaching.


Through my immersive coaching program, I empower Salon Owners like yourself step into the role of CEO and skyrocket their Salons. I'll provide you with the strategic frameworks to grow and scale your business , create Powerful Profits and build a Rockstar Team... so you can live a life of Freedom & Profit..

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