What if you could grow your team & attract new clients...
Even tho you’re already overbooked & overcommitted?

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 Finally, a step-by-step program for salon owners to attract new clients & motivate a growing team...

without sacrificing clients, income and the little precious time you have

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Meet your Coach

I am a Business Mentor and Strategic Marketing Specialist who helps salon owners, like yourself, step into leadership and master the role as Salon CEO.

So, I developed the business struture, framework and resources that scaled my Salon to Multi-Million Dollar status, and grew my team from 2 to 30!
Then I started teaching these proven strategies to burned out salon owners like yourself.

Larissa Macleman

Freedom & Profit Coach

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“...I love the Group”

"I love this group, its really supportive and helpful to bounce ideas,as you know its dificult being an owner with nowone really to chat to.
Also, the Q & A's are great!"

Anna - Tanglez

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Had to just say... it’s amazing!!

"Just watching your Videos & Case Studies. Had to just say... it’s amazing!! 

They all have great points I can take something from! Being an owner, stylist and florist is busy busy busy. Can't wait to get into more of it!"
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Thanks Larissa

My whole view of my business has changed with your guidance I am now clear on my ideal client and their perception of HQ ...so my marketing and social media has targeted her ....your guidance, encouragement video modules and master classes were my turning point in my business