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Finally, a step-by-step program for salon owners to attract new clients, employ & motivate a growing team...

without sacrificing clientsincome and the little precious time you have!

Heres Everything You Get When You Join

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#1 Build a Culture of Winning


A team that plays together, wins together.  Simple, fun & effective sales strategies to motivate and coach your team to and smash their targets and sales goals. As C.E.O you need to understand your Key Performance Indicators to grow and plan for growth.

[Value $997]

#2 Smashing Sales Through Outstanding Client Experience

Learn simple & effective ways to make more money from the clients you already have.  
The better your clients' experience, the more upgrades they'll want and the better your retention rate will be. Learn the tactics to earn an additional $2000 a week… every week.

[Value $1997]

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#3 Step-by-Step Attract Dream Clients Now

Attract the right clients into your salon. Discover the formula to create the perfect social media & marketing content that attracts your ideal clients to become followers. Those engaged followers then become clients with successful promotional campaign strategies.

[Value $997]

#4 Attract, Employ & Grow A Rockstar Team

If you want a Rockstar Business you'll need a Rockstar Team! You'll get the exact templates I used to reach a team of 30 that I LOVED and who helped me create a multi-million dollar salon. Learn how to advertise, interview and employ people you love and trust. You will get everything you need from the scripts and templates to my masterclasses stepping you through these processes. 

[Value $997]

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#5 Get the Support You Need. 

Coaching Support: Almost every week there is a workshop, Q & A coaching or a Sales Huddle to help you focus, overcome roadblocks and get inspiration. These are ‘live on zoom’!.

COMMUNITY support: We'll be talking about the methods & strategy steps in the facebook group so please take action and ask any questions you have or let us know of any stumbling blocks you face in there- we’re here to help.

[Value $997 x12]

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Join the Momentum program TODAY and you'll also receive... 

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BONUS #1 - Ditch The Overwhelm & Get Shite Done

When you feel overwhelmed and stressed this strategy step will help you to get out of overwhelm and get shite done. You'll get a printable framework that I personally use as well as a masterclass to talk you through it. Finally a proven way to push past the noise and double down! 

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BONUS #3 - Get Seen Online With Client Attracting Websites

How to improve your website so that it actually serves your clients! In this bonus strategy step, you will learn the 5 steps to optimising your website to not only attract more clients to your business, but to immediately convert them into paying customers. You will also learn the 3 easy action steps you can take to get found online! 

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"I'm very Impressed"

Larissa is a fantastic host, coach, extraordinaire. Lovely to have time to listen and step in big shoes, ha!! I'm very impressed with her team. 

Lisa Ann Hunter 

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"Magnificent tutorial"

That was a magnificent tutorial! Probably one of the most important tutorials i have ever watched. I will watch it a few time to take appropriate notes!!!

Debra Casey

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"Staff happy, not exhausted"

Returned this week to selling packages only, clients are loving them, loving the renovations and everyone is upbeat! Staff happy, not exhausted, working 3 days instead of 5 and seems to be working well.

Georgina Baird Long

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Meet your Coach - Larissa Macleman

I help salon owners step into their role of 'Salon CEO' and grow a Rockstar Team, leading that team to smash sales targets, earn powerful profits and attract & retain dream clients.

After years of frustration in my own Salon, I fought my way to Salon success through grit, determination, trial & error. I saw my fellow Salon Owners working themselves to the bone, and I knew I had to do it differently. 

So, I developed the business structure, framework and resources that scaled my Salon to Multi-Million Dollar status, and grew my team from 2 to 30! 

Then I started teaching these proven strategies to burned-out but motivated salon owners like you.

I discovered that I love helping Salon Owners Master their Inner Salon CEO by implementing a strategic framework to grow your business and scale their teams.

I want to bring the expertise I've learned to you and other Salon Owners like you. The Salon Owners Collective is a place to share what we know and grow our industry.

While working with Salon Owners I saw that many struggled in business and were not making enough money to give them a lifestyle they could enjoy...

I used to be that person once, and I felt a need to help.

I realised through what I had learned I had the knowledge and experience to help other business owners like you get your time back.

At the Salon Owners Collective, I empower Salon Owners like yourself to step into the role of Salon CEO and skyrocket your Salon. I provide you with the strategic frameworks to grow and scale your business, create Powerful Profits and build a Rockstar Team... 

I believe that in order to truly achieve a life of Freedom & Profit, you must first fully step into your role as Salon CEO.

That's exactly what I did… and you can do it too!

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“Don't wait!”

Don’t wait till it’s make or break to invest in a business coach or program! You'll have your money back within weeks with this program and be loaded with tools for life! 


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"Had to just say...
How happy im am!"

Just wanted to reach out and say how happy I am with my decision to engage in business coaching with you. I was already loving everything you were doing. I am thoroughly enjoying everything so far! So Thankyou.

Rozlyn - Mia Bella Hair.

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"Thanks Larissa"

My whole view of my business has changed with your guidance I am now clear on my ideal client and their perception of HQ my marketing and social media has targeted her ....your guidance, encouragement video modules and master classes were my turning point in my business.

Debbie - HQ

You don’t have to do build your salon alone.

The Momentum program is here to give the support,
tools and knowledge you need, when you need it. 

It’s your place to find business direction, tools, advice, stories and lessons from the Momentum Method Roadmap but more importantly from your peers.
The support you need is here to help you grow to new heights in your salon ownership journey. 
We’re waiting for you!..
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