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How does SalonBot work?

We design an automated sequence of messages that your customers can interact with through Facebook Messenger, just like if they were talking to you directly... but you can be with clients OR relaxing at home with a wine. This messenger experience is tailored to convert more of your messenger conversation into real bookings... We customise this to your brand look and feel.

They can engage with booking links, phone numbers, services, packages, opening hours (etc) instantly, without leaving messenger - no one wants to wait these days. All the questions and information they need is right in your Facebook Messenger SalonBot Experience.

If your Client asks a question or types something that your SalonBot can't answer, both you and they are sent a message letting them know that someone will be in contact with them asap.

Our aim is to make your Clients have an instant & seamless experience of your brand and feel as though they are being looked after by you from their first point of contact.


What about the Marketing side of things?

We create all kinds of marketing elements that can drive clients to your SalonBot Messenger experience. The goal is to generate a subscriber list that you can re-target again and again, just like how you would with an email list... but in Facebook Messenger. For Facebook, we can design Promotional or Informative Posts. When people comment on a post, they are sent an automatic message with more information about the post which will lead them to a call to action, such as, making a booking. Once we have built up a list of subscribers in your Facebook Messenger, you can re-target them with Marketing Messages. You can also limit who you target or send the message to everyone in your list, this is really great for Promotions, Offers OR information on Salon happenings.


Is the Marketing spammy?

We believe in creating an experience that is personal and tailored to suit your brand and beliefs. You can Market to people as much or as little as you like. We offer guidelines for how and when to reach out to your subscriber list, this can be tailored to suit what you think is appropriate. Once people are in your subscriber list, they can also unsubscribe at any time, just like how you would with emails.


Can I connect it to my Salon’s website?

Yes! If you have a website, we can design pop-ups, buttons, chat bubbles, links and more that can be embedded into your website. Clients can chat with your SalonBot directly from your website if they can't find the information they are needing. SalonBot can then direct them to 'Call the Salon' if it's urgent. If you don't have a website, no problem, we can still give your clients a kick-arse SalonBot experience.


Can I use SalonBot for Instagram? 

SalonBot is designed for Facebook Messenger. We can design links that you can manually send people in Instagram that lead them to your SalonBot Messenger and we can also provide a link for you to put in your bio.


Can I have the Facebook Messenger Experience but not the Marketing? 

Yes, we offer two packages. The Elevate Your Brand Package offers just the SalonBot Facebook Messenger experience. We design and build your SalonBot and deliver it to you. Then you can manage it yourself and reach out to us for any tech questions you might have along the way. 


What if I don't have time to do the Marketing?

No problem! Jump on the Salon Marketer package and we can do it all for you! You will need to communicate with us once a month to let us know what is happening in your salon so we can design promotions, offers and information for your Marketing. We can produce 4 Marketing elements for you each month which can be Facebook posts, messages to your subscribers and website element updates or changes. We are available to chat daily and we also have an Online Masterclass each month that you can attend, where we help you come up with new ideas and you can listen to what other people on the Salon Marketer package are doing for their salons. 


What is in each Package? 

Elevate Your Brand Package

  • Design & First Impressions
  • Basic Client Attraction
  • Marketing Strategy Recommended 
  • Tech Support
  • No Contract 
  • Full access to the SalonBot Facebook Group           
  • Access to the SalonBot Learning Academy
  • x1 Monthly Masterclass

Salon Marketer Package

  • Design & First Impressions
  • New Client Attraction
  • Marketing Strategy implemented for you
  • Messenger Marketing Done For You
  • Tech Support
  • No Contract 
  • Full access to the SalonBot Facebook Group           
  • Full access to the SalonBot Learning Academy
  • 'Done for You' Marketing each month (4 Marketing Elements + Updates)
  • x1 Monthly Masterclass 
  • x3 Monthly Meetings available to Plan Your Marketing

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THEN $97 AUD per month

Design & 'First Impressions'

Basic Client Attraction

Marketing Strategy Recommended

Tech Support

No Contract

Access to the SalonBot Marketing Academy 


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THEN $297 AUD per month

Design & 'First Impressions'

 New Client Attraction

Marketing Strategy

Messenger Marketing 
Done For You

Tech Support

No Contract

FULL access to the SalonBot Marketing Academy

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