Forget ‘Likes’, Build Connections

‘Likes’ aren’t everything.

I know you’ve probably heard this before, but has it really sunk in yet?

Even in the world of Social Media Marketing, where it really does feel as though ‘likes’ do mean quiiiite a lot... I promise you, they aren’t as important as you think. You know why?

Instead of aiming to get as many ‘likes’ as possible on our Social Posts, we should really be aiming to create connections.

It feels like somewhere along the way, we have forgotten the word ‘Social’ in Social Media. ‘Social’ means interacting with others, forming connections, relationships and even friendships. You know... like, being social.

We’ve become so obsessed with ‘likes’ that Instagram has actually recently considered taking away the option for others to see how many ‘likes’ a photo has gotten, in the hopes that the focus will be less on ‘likes’.

It’s just like when people...

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How to Create Months of Content in an Hour

“I know I need to do Social Media... but I just don’t have time!”

This is one of the most common challenges faced by the Salon Owners that I work with. So often, Salon Owners ask me how to make the time for Social Media, and that it feels so daunting to post regularly!

Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case. I have put together some actionable tips and tricks so that coming up with content for Social Media can be simple, and not take up too much time at all.

The answer is simple: batch, batch, batch!


Create Several Months of Content in an Hour

Batching content for your Social Media is an efficient and time-saving way to make sure you’re posting regularly, without having to sit down every day and think of what to post.

It’s about time we started prioritising Social Media... it’s pretty much taking over the world! So we need to start taking it seriously. Dedicating an allocated amount of time to planning and batching all content...

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Meet Megan: Award Winner, SalonBot Lover

Megan Panozzo’s Salon journey has taken her to unbelievable heights. Megan spent a year being mentored by and travelling around Australia with Kobi Bokshish, joining him as a national educator for the international Brand Matrix. The whole time, Megan had one end goal in mind. So when she won South Australia’s Hairdresser of the Year 2019, it was incredible news—but unsurprising to the many of us who knew how hard she had worked for the years leading up to it. Recently, I was lucky enough to get the chance to sit down with Megan. Her giddiness over her recent win was unmissable, and there was a fundamental aspect to which she attributed much of her and her Salon’s Success: Setting an intention, getting mentorship, coaching & smart marketing...


Anyone who knows Megan, knows her as the definition of the word ‘colourful.’ From her hair, her personality, to her Salon itself—colour fills her life in a way that truly sets her Brand apart...

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Why does no one see my posts?! EVER!

Coming up with content isn't easy, ever. And it's much worse when you spend hours doing it and all you hear are crickets once you post. Ugh, talk about not worth it, right?! …

Not quite. The Facebook Algorithm is actually is trying to work in your favour... if you treat it right and know how to tickle its fancy.  

There are a trillion reasons under the sun as to why clients aren't seeing your Facebook Posts. However, the main reason is that you haven't quite worked out how to be seen.

And don’t go thinking that putting money into a post is going to help either.  

I often see people blaming the Facebook Algorithm for a drop in reach and engagement and for the most part, that is likely true. But it's not because the Facebook Algorithm has changed. Its because for some reason, the Algorithm has decided that your content is not content that's going to keep people on the Facebook platform for longer.

Essentially, that's what the Facebook Algorithm does. It takes...

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SalonBot: Lady & The Hair Success

Hairdressing is one industry that Prue Tonkinson doesn’t see slowing down anytime soon, so to make sure that she can be ahead of the game and she ensures her clients are getting the service they need, 24/7 - With the help of SalonBot she takes us through it all. Meet our featured client, Pure Tonkinson from Lady and The Hair.

With over 17 years experience in the Australian Hair Industry, going from a garage Salon to opening up her own bricks and mortar location, and dreaming of her second, Prue is doing it all!

Located in Melbourne Australia, Prue has created a spacious colour salon with an edgy feel that boasts a talented team of 12 professional stylists who back up their talent with a service focus that keep their clients coming back. Prue is proud of the team environment they’ve created.

“We are professional but we love to dance and laugh about, we make everyone feel comfortable and I feel like that is a main part of our success”.

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How to Harness and Leverage the Power of Messenger Marketing

The salon owners I work with talk to me about it often, I see it pop up more and more in Facebook groups that I’m a part of, and I'm experiencing the surge in my inbox.

I’m talking about messenger marketing.

Salon owners are spending more time on their phones, and it’s starting to creep into times outside of work hours, into the evenings and spilling over into our personal Messenger inboxes.

Forget the wave of social media marketing; we have officially hit what is about to become the tsunami of using messenger and bots.  

As more of your current and potential clientele look to engage with you directly through the platforms where you work to connect with them, you need to be available instantaneously.

Now before your head rolls, let me pump the brakes on your paranoia.

Just because you need to be available ‘round the clock' for your customers doesn’t mean you actually have to be connected 24/7 or throw all hopes of having a work/life balance out...

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